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Feeling Stuck in Your Life or Business?

Tired of “think positive” clichés and want realistic solutions?

Get your FREE copy of Why You’re Stuck to discover the cutting-edge psychology of emotional resilience, peak performance, and lasting fulfillment that’s been tested in the trenches of the real world.

Experience Harmony In Your Life And Business

Who's A Good Fit

Through a variety of trainings including books, courses, workshops, speaking, coaching, and consulting, my team and I will take your impact, productivity, and performance to the next level.  The following are those who we specialize in helping:

Visionary Dreamers

Do you have big dreams but feel stuck on how to accomplish them?

Live a dream come true life through a 10-step process in Dream Coaching® – a coaching process developed by Marcia Wieder who’s the founder of Dream University. You’ll discover the holistic and scientifically grounded principles of manifestation that actually work instead of airy-fairy “sit around and meditate your way to a better life” approaches.

High Achievers

Do you want to accelerate your results in life?

If you’re highly motivated to find the most effective life and business hacks, you’ll get the principles and shortcuts I’ve learned from both personal experience and from highly experienced experts in the areas of health, relationships, business, spirituality, and integrated psychology.

Wide Achievers (Renaissance Creatives)

Do you have many diverse interests leading to feeling directionless?

When I felt directionless, my life felt meaningless.  I appreciate the challenges creatives face who are often introverts, prefer creation over promotion, and simply can’t settle for only doing one thing. You’ll discover how to own your awesomeness as a renaissance person, how to integrate the pieces of your life to feel whole rather than scattered, and how you really can “have it all.”

Thought Leaders & Organizations

Are you driven to make a difference in the world?

Individuals and companies who are committed to service, making a positive impact, and leaving a legacy can excel with our team’s trainings on authorship, marketing, leadership, communication, branding, corporate culture, and sales. You’ll discover how to enroll others in your vision with authentic and heart centered approaches.  Being results oriented means you’ll see significant increases in profit, performance, and productivity.

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